The first rule of film club … always talk about films.

Welcome to the Cinematic Time Machine, the classic film club for feminist movie enthusiasts! If you’re tired of feeling alone in your love for old movies and yearn for a community where you can freely discuss films and explore the remarkable contributions of women in the history of cinema then look no further!

Our online film club is designed exclusively for feminist film fans like you, to transport you into a world where your passion for classic film is celebrated and shared!


No more feeling guilty about liking older movies, as if enjoying a film from the 1950s means you want to actually live there!

Imagine having access to a treasure trove of hidden cinematic gems that showcase the extraordinary talent of women both behind and in front of the camera to help us all discover and appreciate the incredible impact of women in the world of movies. An impact women were making before we could open bank accounts or, in some cases, even vote!

As a film fan who firmly believes in equality, I understand the joy and frustration that accompanies watching old Hollywood movies. It can be disheartening to feel alone in your love for old movies and not have anyone to discuss them with and it can be frustrating to be constantly misunderstood by people who are convinced that watching a piece of art made in the last century makes you all those things we’ve so gratefully left in the past.

Our film club provides a supportive community where you can connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for cinema from a feminist and inclusive perspective.

By joining our club, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, dive deep into the themes and messages of these films, and maybe even find yourself reflected in the stories on the silver screen.

Whether you’re a seasoned film buff or just beginning to delve into the world of classic movies, the Cinematic Time Machine is the perfect companion on your journey. Discover new favorite films, uncover hidden stories, and forge meaningful connections with a community of passionate feminist film fans.

How it works

🍿 Once you join the club, one of the first things you’ll be asked to do is join the community, so you can dive in to the chat and access all of the previous months movies and recipes.

🍿 Every quarter we pick a genre to enjoy. Starting with comedy.

🍿 And then each month you will receive a movie choice within that genre carefully selected to highlight one of the amazing women who created or starred in it. The pick will come in a pdf format with links to rent/buy online.

🍿 A live watch-party/chat-along, usually on the last weekend of every month.

🍿 Plus you’ll receive recipes for a snack and a drink (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to match the movie.

🍿 Access to the Secret Library of Stars, an ever growing collection of mini biographies.

🍿 A Mid Month Mini – a short silent movie featuring some of the earliest pioneers, like a middle of the month movie hit for the film hungry.😉

🍿 The movie selection and accompanying pdf factsheet and recipe cards will be posted in the community each month as well as emailed to you, so it’s introvert friendly too.






September pick, It Happened one night

It Happend One Night

An heiress runs away to marry, only to find more choices than she expected.

Graphic advertising bell, book and candle as our next movie

Bell, Book and Candle

A witch enchants her neighbour to love her … and then falls in love in this movie exploring the connection of women and witchcraft.

She Done him wrong movie selection.

She Done Him Wrong

The movie that made Mae West a star, this self-penned and racy pre-code comedy was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

If you join the club you’ll…
– Discover women’s contribution to the history of movies
– Find new favorite films
– Connect with a community of like-minded film enthusiasts
– Discuss films and explore your own identity through cinema
– All while enjoying a good snack and a nice beverage

Who is the club for?

The Club is for you if you…
– are a feminist, who believes in equality for all.
– want to be part of an inclusive environment that believes classic films can be enjoyed by all of us, not just the white cis-het male who so often seem to have made them.
– are open to viewing all types of films and genres, and maybe even discovering a new favourite somewhere unexpected.

Why is it feminist?

Because I am. I can’t separate my belief in equality from the way I view movies and I figured if I want to watch old films from a more modern perspective there must the others who do too. So why not unite and enjoy it together!

Like the sound of it?

Join us today and let the magic of the silver screen transport you to a world where women’s contributions to film are celebrated and cherished.






Movie Pick of the Month Movie Pick of the Month
Printable Snack Recipe Card Printable Snack Recipe Card
Printable Drinks Recipe Cards Printable Drinks Recipe Cards
Monthly Printable Movie Diary Monthly Printable Movie Diary
Private Community Private Community
Access to the Secret Library of Stars Access to the Secret Library of Stars
A Mid Month Mini A Mid Month Mini
❌ – Apart from Founding Members* Membership Card in the post
£5.00 £50.00 with 2 months free!



Is the Movie Included?
Sadly no. The movie of the month is a recommendation only. I do provide link where you can stream the films but sadly, at the moment you will need to rent/purchase the movies for yourself. They are usually less than $4/£3 each. I hope to be able to include the movie in the future but for now, this limitation is reflected in the low price.
Will I receive a DVD/Blu-Ray?
No, this is an online movie club only.
What’s a *Founder Member?
A Founder Member is what I call someone who joins the club right at the very beginning. Because it’s so new there’s very little content included and the price is low. Founding Members keep that price for as long as they remain members – no matter how much the price increases.
I don’t like the movie pick, can I have a refund?
As this is a digital product, and you gain access to it immediately, I don’t offer refunds. However, I want you to be a happy member of the club so if for whatever reason you wish to cancel, please email me and I will cancel your membership from the following month, or refund you the remain months if you’re an Annual Pass holder.
Why Time Machine?
Because movies are like little time capsules. Each one reflects the cares, values, and culture of the time in which it was made and that makes watching them a little bit like time travel. We get to see, hear and feel a tiny portion of the past as we travel through different films and eras. So let’s travel together in our own little time machine.
I’ve got a question you haven’t answered
Drop me an email [email protected] and I’ll answer as soon as I can.